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Whiterock UPVC Wall Cladding

Chef in a Commercial KitchenWhiterock UPVC wall cladding is ideal for commercial kitchens, particularly those with uneven substrate and problem areas such as damp. It is an easy way to create partitioning and hygienic walls which are incredibly easy to clean. At Cucina Projects, we work with only the best suppliers of kitchen equipment, flooring and wall cladding and that’s why we choose to use Altro’s products.

Altro UPVC WhiteRock Wall Cladding can be affixed to naked Plasterboard, reducing building costs, and will Leave you with surfaces that are easy to keep clean – great news for your catering Setting. This type of wall cladding allows us the perfect backdrop in which to install your commercial kitchen – hiding unsightly pipes and cables, and can be tailor made to suit your individual needs. However should you need access in the future to any of these services, hatches and removable panels can be inserted at the construction stage where necessary.

The best bit about this type of wall cladding is that it can withstand temperatures up to 60 degrees and unlike tiles there is no need for grouting which in itself can harbour dirt and grease, causing serious health issues. What better option can you think of to use as a wall covering in a commercial kitchen environment? This choice of wall covering is completely cost effective and very easy to maintain whilst meeting all EU directives on health and hygiene. Choose Whiterock to provide those clean lines for your new commercial kitchen and you won’t be disappointed.




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