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3D CAD Kitchen Design

Commercial Kitchen 3D Design

At Cucina Projects we are passionate about commercial kitchen design! One of the most exciting aspects is the use of 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. This enables clients to see their commercial kitchen designs come to life, and we are delighted to be able to offer this opportunity to all our commercial kitchens clients.

When planning a new commercial kitchen it can be really difficult to visualise exactly how your new catering layout will look in real terms. We have invested in our world leading CAD software to overcome this issue and to offer you, our client, the quality of service that you deserve.

Taking a 3D tour of your planned kitchen enables you to envisage exactly what your finished kitchen is going to look like. The 3D plans are so vivid and clear that they enable you to take a virtual tour around your completed kitchen before installation even begins!

Using CAD enables both you and us to judge whether or not the proposed layout will work for your commercial kitchen and your individual catering needs. It also enables you to make a final decision on the locations of each individual piece of catering equipment. You will be amazed to see how our incredibly talented team of advisers demonstrate in such a tangible way how the plans for your commercial kitchen will result in a chic and professional catering space.




Your perfect kitchen design realised!

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