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Commercial extraction and ventilation systems

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation SystemNearly all kitchens will require a commercial extraction/ventilation system to make sure that they meet all health and safety guidelines. Cucina Projects can provide you with a high quality bespoke system made from stainless steel – customised to meet the needs of your individual catering environment. We can also supply a range of other excellent stainless steel items including, tables, work benches, hot cupboards, heated gantries, shelving and wall cupboards. All made from high quality resources which will stand the test of time, they will prove to be a great investment when you begin re-designing your commercial kitchen space. As each project is completely unique, so too is our approach to the provision of extraction and ventilation systems – as with all other aspects of our design process, we will provide you with a system that will work for you. We can supply a range of high quality fans, lights and filters to install within each system to ensure that your catering environment remains free from damp and bad odours. Each installation will be in keeping with the kitchen design itself and will fit in with the aesthetics of the kitchen environment. Extraction and ventilation systems are an integral part of any commercial kitchen design and are subject to the same exemplary standards that are expected of all other aspects of the installation. The supply and installation of these canopies are best achieved by our professional team of engineers to ensure that they perform efficiently and meet all EU guidelines for food hygiene.




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