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Beautiful and Cost Effective Food Safe Floor

Altro food safe flooring is an absolute must if you are considering a commercial kitchen installation. If you are going to the expense of transforming your catering environment then it stands to reason that the flooring should be part and parcel of this type of project. At Cucina Projects, we highly recommend the installation of Altro flooring as it is an incredibly cost effective, safe and hygienic alternative to ceramic flooring.

Altro flooring will complement any of our commercial kitchen designs and provides a surface that is not only easy to keep clean, but remains looking so before you will need to do so again. By making sure that you clean in line with Altro’s instructions, you will never need to use heavy chemicals to achieve clean finish. This flooring is durable, impact as well as fungal resistant with a performance expectancy that should outlive the warranty.

Cucina Projects only recommend the very best for our clients when it comes to providing equipment and flooring, and we feel that Altro food safe flooring definitely falls into this category. Due to the clever surface construction this flooring does not collect as much dirt as other safety floorings can and stains are on the whole very easy to remove - this in itself allows the flooring to retain its vibrant colour. There are other health and safety benefits to Altro’s amazing range of flooring as the surface is almost non-slip making it the perfect addition to any commercial kitchen.




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