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Cutting edge commercial kitchen design by Cucina Projects

When you need top quality commercial kitchen design put yourself in the hands of the experts.

Whatever your catering environment, Cucina Projects shapes your plans from the first idea to the final installation.

Café, canteen, or coffee shop: we design to your criteria

Hotel or hostelry: we supply to your specifications

Private or public sector: we install to your timescales

We plan, supply and install kitchens that work for your business.


Your kitchen, our design

The beauty of 3D technology is the ability to draw every vertical and horizontal aspect in detail. We create a catering environment that performs for you at every level.

Our team of experienced designers use 3D CAD kitchen design software to develop and deliver highly detailed diagrams. At Cucina Projects, we take the time to make sure your commercial kitchen design makes efficient use of floor space while at the same time allowing room for staff to move around unimpeded.

It can be difficult to visualise how your kitchen will look on completion. 3D images give you the peace of mind of knowing that everything will slot perfectly into place. They also enable you to see in advance where problems may arise and where space is not being used to its full advantage. You don't have to imagine the final appearance of your kitchen; you can view it before work even starts.

Our bespoke service means we make maximum use of the room available to you and add value to under-utilised areas. We can incorporate existing elements of your set-up that you may want to keep, as well as inserting new features into the diagrams. You have the reassurance of knowing your completed kitchen will look just as you wanted.

The real benefit of using onscreen design is that it empowers you to make informed decisions. Using 3D imagery and video tours, we can walk and talk you through your kitchen outline, allowing you to change any aspect that's not completely to your satisfaction.


Your concept, our plans

Conceptual features are not only for the dining area of an establishment. Your kitchen should reflect your style of catering.

Chefs, hotelkeepers, restaurant owners; in fact, anyone involved in commercial food preparation knows how vital it is for their kitchen design to mirror the nature of their business. You could be stir-frying in woks, rolling sushi, preparing seafood or cutting meat. Whatever your speciality, we can build food preparation areas and cooking stations appropriate to your style of cuisine.

In large busy restaurants, built-in shower rooms for the catering team may need to be taken into consideration. Small cafes often house sizeable commercial coffee machines. A kitchen is a multi-functional place. Food and drink preparation areas are fast-moving, often hectic environments. It's essential to allow sufficient room to combine extensive catering equipment, adequate work surfaces and rapid movement by staff.

As experienced commercial kitchen planners, we have years of experience of designing and installing for businesses of every size.


Your service, our standards

During a service period, are there sections of your kitchen that cause tension? We look at these pressure points and analyse what can be done to relieve stress on those locations.

Is your kitchen fully equipped to accommodate the style of service you're asking your staff to provide? Do you offer waiter-service, cafeteria style or self-service? What's the maximum number of diners you would expect to serve? How wide-ranging is your proposed menu? Does your present kitchen have enough space? How much equipment will it be able to hold? Will your staff be able to move around comfortably in the current arrangement?

Is there cohesion in the sequence of events? By this, we mean the journey food will take from the fridge to the worktop to the cooking station. We look at all of these questions. Your answers then help us to devise the perfect kitchen for your organisation.

Our commercial kitchen design advisors have a wealth of experience that you can draw upon when deciding on your kitchen plan. The focus on each step of food preparation means we can ensure the effective placement of all items of equipment and every line of work surface.


Your equipment, our layout

As experienced commercial kitchen advisors, we're used to dealing with specialist catering tools and materials.

Throughout a commercial kitchen, stainless steel fabrications such as hobs, worktops, tables, shelves, sinks and extraction systems should be seamlessly woven into the layout. Stainless steel is one of the most durable materials used in a professional kitchen. And we know exactly how to utilise it so that it's hardwearing and looks great.

Whether you're using stainless steel or granite worktops, we cut and fit to meticulous specifications. Our designs promote the highest standards of hygiene and functionality. Work surfaces should not only be easy to clean, but also retain their pristine condition for years to come.

We're also aware of your need for specialised catering equipment. You may require induction zones to be incorporated into cooking stations. Or perhaps fixed storage areas are necessary to avoid double handling. We deal with some of the best names in the commercial catering industry to source and supply top of the range, ready-to-use, kitchen apparatus at competitive prices. Our extensive experience means we can even advise which equipment is the most suitable for your menu and service.

Our team of fully qualified engineers fit all equipment in line with manufacturer's instructions and to meet Health and Safety legislation. When our experienced engineers get to work, the result is clean lines, precision installations and a streamlined finish.


Your budget, our brainpower

We conceive and develop ideas based on your catering requirements and your financial resources.

You may wish to retain and build on existing elements within your kitchen. Our inventive planners will look at all aspects you want to keep and integrate them into a cost-effective design. They may even come up with ideas for using your current equipment that you may not have considered.

Alternatively, if you want to scrap your present layout and start entirely from scratch, that's fine by us. We offer advice on all of the options available to you and give you the information you need to make an informed choice.

Our mission is to create the best catering facilities for your business, irrespective of the size of the job or the budget. We take pride in working with our clients to deliver the kitchen they want at a price they can afford.

Whether it's a complete commercial kitchen design or the installation of a single item, we apply the same attention to detail and level of skill to every task.


Commercial catering, Cucina class

From start to finish of a project, the team at Cucina looks after you every step of the way.

We maintain our reputation for the highest quality service and workmanship, in both the private and public sector, by supplying exceptional commercial kitchen design. We combine modern technology with traditional customer care to deliver outstanding results to all our clients.

If you want advice on how to improve your commercial kitchen, then give us a call. We're always happy to help.




Your perfect kitchen design realised!

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